How to get started looking for good research paper topics

Some of the best research paper topics are controversial things. They can be related to any field or subject you are studying. You can find great topics related to ethics or socially touchy items or any subject where you conduct thorough research and take a solid stance one way or the other.

If you are writing an assignment about art and music you might consider the following examples:

  • Is there a top music or art therapy used to treat specific disorders? If so why does it work?
  • What role does mental illness play in creativity
  • Should artists or musicians be held liable if their work incites violence?
  • Does metal music have a negative influence on teenagers or cause more violence?
  • Does the history of ___ *insert a musical genre* reflect social trends?
  • How did the invention of the camera affect painting?
  • What influences did American architectural style from the 18th century have?
  • How were Western artists been influenced by Eastern art?

If you are writing an assignment on accounting or business you might consider any version of the following examples:

  • How do issues of ethics affect the fashion industry?
  • How has fair trade affected ___ industry?
  • How has streaming television affected advertising?
  • Do wellness programs in the work place help employees?
  • Would workers benefit from a four day work week?
  • Why should or shouldn’t farms be subsidized by the government?
  • Why should or shouldn’t immigrants be given legal status if they are born here illegally?

If you are writing about criminal justice you might consider writing on any of the following topics:

  • Is criminal justice worse than restorative justice?
  • What improvements would you make to expedite the criminal justice system today without compromising due process?
  • What role does continuing education play in reducing recidivism rates among juveniles?
  • Is the current criminal justice system racially biased?
  • Should juveniles be considered for life in prison without parole?
  • Should harsher penalties be instigated for white collar crime?
  • Choose a psychology or criminal justice theory to explain the cause of juvenile delinquency.

Any of these topics can be taken and converted into a good research paper that is sure to earn you a great grade. It takes passion for a particular topic and dedication to conducting thorough research.