15 Strong Term Paper Topics On Terrorism In India

Terrorism is the involvement of extraordinary violence in the mindset of people. Its objective is to create massive fear with the intention to make the life of common man troublesome. It is an issue of great research and has captured limelight by enormous researchers.

Following are some of the strong term paper topics that have caught lot of attention in past few decades. Check them out-

  1. What are the chief ways to terrorize massive population? Which primary reasons are transforming innocents into terrorists?

  2. What is the effect of terrorism on common people? How it is affecting mindset of layman and its upcoming generations? What are the mind-throbbing effects of terrorism? How it is affecting development of country?

  3. Where terrorism is taking us? Can it be prevented? Discuss some of the effective ways to cure this issue? Discuss some of the after effects of recent attacks occurred in various part of the country.

  4. Are kidnapping and hostage taking are some of the terrorist activities? How armed attacks, arsons, fire bombing, assassinations and skyjackings belong to this category? What are the motives of terrorists behind it? How such activities are planned in advance?

  5. How terrorism disrupts infrastructure and creates civil disorders?

  6. Differentiate between political and non- political terrorism? How politicians are accountable for religious terrorism?

  7. What is nationalist terrorism? How it is different from state sponsored terrorism? What are their probable motives and effects?

  8. What are terrorist units and cells? How terrorism affects people those not present at the site of incidence? How these units are liable to create intense destructive acts and bloody incidences catching attention of mass?

  9. Why such terrorist groups take responsibility of incidences after causing the harm? How it benefits them?

  10. How recruitment process is carried out by terrorists? How they arrange the sites, manage the equipments and supplies and other essential sources? How they organize the funds?

  11. What action government should take to make any zone terror free? How general public can eliminate the root cause of terrorism?

  12. How education can prevent terrorism? What are the secondary ways of prevention? How terrorism can be detected early?

  13. How politicians and police upgrade or degrade any environmental situation related to terrorist attacks?

  14. What Mumbai Serial blast and Delhi High Court Bomb blast have in common in terms of terrorist activities? Discuss some of its nerve wrecking pictures? How such activities achieve religious, political and ideological objectives?

  15. How terrorism can be easily spread through nuclear materials, explosive devices, biological & chemical materials and firearms?