Main Rules Of Writing A Research Paper Literature Review In The APA Style

When you do a research paper you will have to be careful and choose the right topic. The paper must be a valuable contribution to the field of literature, if you are a student of the subject. The topic you choose has to be unique and fresh but this is not always possible. When you are going to write a literature review you cannot write one something that was published very recently.

You can write on one of the classics or something that is popular but then there are too many reviews already available. There are a few rules mentioned by the American Psychological Association or APA and you will have to follow their format and work on a good topic. Here a few ways that will help you come up with a good paper for your course and get better grades than you hoped for.

Selecting the right topic

The topic has to be selected very carefully. It is the most crucial part of the process. You can always select one of the well known literary works that has not been in the limelight for a while. If you select a popular work you will get quite a lot of research material. You can always go through the reviews and come up with something completely new and in a different direction. Just do not copy someone else’s work. Instead create your own paper with your own words and if you are a student of the language it should come naturally to you.

Helpful suggestions to write a literature review:

  • Once you have to the topic, you will have to go through the entire work. There is no easier route and you will have to read the whole piece more than once. After you have read and reread it a few times, you will be better equipped to begin the writing.
  • You will have to plan ahead before you begin. There are a lot of templates available over the internet but you will have to be careful and select the one that is written in accordance to the APA style.
  • Once you have the correct template, prepare a rough draft that is written in style of the template. Then arrange all the information in the draft.