A List Of Unique Controversial Topics For College Research Papers

If you want to make your essay truly interesting for the readers, choose a controversial topic to writer about. They usually catch most attention because people want to know whether the author shares their own personal views on the matter.

The most important thing to remember when you are working on this kind of essay is that you must never offend the other point of view. You can use logic and evidence to prove you’re your opponent’s position is weaker than yours, but only do this in a formal and emotionally detached manner. Otherwise, your paper will be considered a provocation instead of an academic work. This will reduce its value and your grades.

You also need to consider the fact that your teachers, meaning the people directly responsible for your grades, may take the opposing position on this particular issue. Although, this shouldn’t reflect on your academic performance if your paper is good, it is difficult for people to keep their emotions and professionalism separated. This means that the teacher may become biased against you if your essay is too brash and offensive.

Here are a few topic suggestions that should help you produce an interesting controversial paper:

  1. Children should be allowed to use their smartphones during class.
  2. There should be no censorship in the media.
  3. Children’s online protection laws must be made less strict.
  4. Did the 9/11 serve as the main reason for the war in Iraq?
  5. Will tougher gun laws really help reduce the number of crimes?
  6. The increased presence of public surveillance technology robs people of their freedom.
  7. Children in schools shouldn’t be divided in groups based on age but on their natural ability.
  8. Genetically engineered food can solve the problem of hunger in the third world countries.
  9. Immigration process to the U.S. must be made more complex in order to reduce the influx of immigrants as they destabilize economy.
  10. Is Internet anonymity a threat to society as a whole?
  11. Military recruitment in high schools is unacceptable and should be banned.
  12. The Western monetary aid doesn’t really do much for the third world countries as they are too corrupt.
  13. Social networks will replace the traditional modes of communication and take socialization to a new level.
  14. Tobacco use should be more strictly regulated.
  15. The belief that one has been kidnapped by aliens is a symptom of a psychological disorder.

Choose the topic you feel most passionate about as this way, you will be able to create a better paper.