7 Topic Ideas for a Research Paper in Biology

Like most disciplines, biology requires a large amount of research and writing that many students can overwhelmingly difficult. Biology encompasses so many subjects and topics that it is hard for students to settle on a single research topic. This tends to happen because students don’t focus their research into something manageable. The best approach is to choose a topic, then a subject within that topic, and finally a smaller subtopic that is specific and interesting to both the student writing the research paper and his or her readers.

Here are seven topics with focused subtopic ideas to help you get started on your biology research paper:

Birds and Disease – Avian Flu and How Birds Spread Disease

Consider how infected birds that don’t get sick are a threat to domesticated bird species and why it becomes a threat to humans.

Biological Pest Control – Mosquito Control with Dragonflies

How effective are dragonflies in controlling mosquitos during summer months? And in what ways will introducing a species into a new environment affect the ecosystem?

Double Helix – Fibonacci Numbers: The Math of DNA

How are in Fibonacci numbers expressed in the human physical form? Does the Math of DNA open up new pathways towards health discoveries?

Inflammatory Diseases – Fibromyalgia: When the Immune System Attacks Itself

Consider the acute and chronic physical pains that come from this mysterious autoimmune disease. Why is the link between Fibromyalgia and the immune system still a mystery?

Smallpox – Biological Weapons: Could Smallpox Be Used as a Weapon?

As the threat of biological and chemical warfare reemerges, how real is the threat of smallpox to the world’s population?

Symptoms of Aging – Senile Dementia and Its Link to Inactivity in Adults

What constitutes prolonged levels of inactivity and is it linked to increased susceptibility to senile dementia?

Taxonomy – The Classification of New Life Forms in the Rainforest

How does classification of new life forms in the rainforest change our understanding of regional evolution?

These ideas represent just a tiny fraction of all the possible research topics to write about. If you want to write great biology research papers at the college and postgraduate levels you must learn how to take a broad topic and focus your research to a smaller subtopic. But be sure you don’t focus your lens too much, or you may find that your research is so narrow that there aren’t enough resources available.