Business ethics research paper topics vital suggestions


Business ethics can be a great avenue for writing a research. Although many people are skeptical on which topic they should write on. Business ethics is a huge branch that encompasses various topics and sub-topics.

Herein we have listed a few ideas which are captivating as well as deep for you to write about.

Ideas for topics related to business ethics:

  • Marketing Strategies: This a wide topic which could lead you to understanding different business strategies. In this research paper you could include various types of business strategies adopted by small or big companies. There can be a list of ideas that have worked and not worked in the market.

  • Best businessman. You could share your ideas as who in the past or the present is one of the greatest businessman and the reason for it. You can support your topic by providing ample data as to what was his business ethics, his accolades as well as the marketing strategies he adopted. A list of all his accomplishments can be written in your paper.

  • Cost of setting up a business. One can always write about the various costs involved in setting up a big, medium or small business. The overhead costs, land cost and also the infrastructure costs can be mentioned.

  • Does the global recession affect local businesses? This is another major topic that can be included in your paper. Although this question has two sides to the coin, research in this field will give you tremendous insight into the business arena.

  • Effect of tariffs on international trade practices. In this paper you can mention the various tariffs imposed on international businesses and the positive or negative effect it has on them. You can write about how countries earn with the aid of international business trades, but you can counter-attack this by stating how companies are restrained from carrying out free business with other countries.

  • How to maintain a profit in business? This is a subject that can be of great use for aspiring businessmen. You would have to research and find suitable business plans as well as modern business techniques that could help a company make suitable profits.

  • The effect of overseas cheap labor. This topic can make your report compelling and will receive a positive response from the readers because this the major fact that developed nations are facing. You can list the pros and cons of the effect of cheap labor that is being used or misused by such countries.

Although you are free to choose any topic, the mentioned topics can make a nice and strong research paper.