Putting term paper ideas in a specific order

Once you’ve completed a good term paper outline, you need to start the writing process and structure your components in the right order. Your term paper needs to flow in the correct way for it to make sense. Failing to do this properly will certainly get you penalized by the person marking your paper, so take a look at the following steps and familiarize yourself with this method.

Remember, this method assumes that you have already done your outline and developed a series of keywords and phrases to implement in your paper.

Answering questions

So you have a set of keywords and key phrases. These need to be put in an order that helps your ideas flow nicely from one point to another. Skip your introduction for now; we’ll come to that later. The first thing you need to do is answer questions.

Make your first paragraph an answer to a ‘what’ question. Give the reader a description of your topic. Then talk about ‘where’ you are taking the discussion. Wherever relevant, address the ‘who’, ‘why’ and ‘how’ in subsequent sections. This will provide a good start for structuring the rest of your key ideas.

Create a chain diagram

Take an A4 piece of paper and write down all your key words and phrases down in one column. Now, take a new piece of paper and concentrate on the order of your points. Make sure that each word or phrase you write down corresponds in some way with the next. Keep gaps between your words so that you can make notes between each one.

Connector notes

Grab a pen of a different colour to the one you used for making the chain diagram. In the open lines, write central connecting notes that connect the top and bottom keywords or phrases to each other. Doing this will save you mega time later on when you start filling in the content.

Filling in the content

All that’s left for you to do now is to fill in the sentences. You already have a key idea for each paragraph; stick to this idea when writing the paragraph and keep your connecting note in mind so that you can successfully transition from one idea to the next. Keeping this flow will render a well structured term paper that is coherent with every key idea you’ve established.