How To Write A Research Paper Introduction, Body, And Conclusion

Every research paper is organized in three sections; introduction, body and conclusion. Each has a unique role and structure that must be adhered to. The length of each of these sections will vary depending on the instructions issued by the supervisor. While the introduction and the conclusion may remain similar, the content of the body might change depending on the subject.

The Introduction

This is a brief section that gives an overview of the subject you will be discussing in the paper. It sets the agenda of the research paper by stating the problem and the approach going to be adapted in order to find a solution. The introduction should provide an answer to the following concerns:

  • What is the paper about?
  • Why is it necessary to write the paper
  • How are you going to approach the concerns raised at the introduction.
  • The section simply gives a hint of what to expect from the paper.

The Body

This is the section where your points and ideas are argued in a logical and systematic manner. It is the section where you are supposed to present your ideas and provide prove. Evidence is also presented to support your thesis. This evidence must be explained since not everyone can understand statistical presentations. The number of paragraphs that form the body depend on the expected length of your paper.

It is the body that introduces the subtopics of your subject. These subtopics include presentation of experiments, discussion of findings and literature review. The data gathered to support your thesis is presented in graphical form and simplified in text. The discussion section allows you to link the results of your experiments to other studies that have been conducted. You also will introduce your point of view and use your experiments to prove the point.


This section is used to tie up all the ends of your research paper. It provides a summary of everything that has transpired since the introduction. The conclusion reveals the relationship between different points made throughout the paper. It also is an opportunity to re-examine your thesis statement and reveal whether your assertions were confirmed. You are required to provide a solution to the problems stated in the introduction.

The content and structure of the introduction, body and conclusion of your research paper is very unique. The details of each section might vary slightly depending on your discipline of study and nature of research conducted. There must be a co-relation between the three sections in terms of ideas and a logical flow.