Job Search Using Internet Websites

The profession of a customs broker involves the transportation of goods across customs boundaries. For example, the United States and Canada would both have customs brokers for their own companies. These brokers would then help businesses “clear” customs by getting goods in and out of their respective country. The job involves paper work, financial calculations, business acumen, and governmental interaction. A generic job search website like Monster allows users to look for customs broker jobs in the United States and in Canada. Before I return to that, let’s start with the specialty website for jobs in Canada. WOW Jobs is a site that does not feature its own jobs but links the user to other jobs posted online. You can search for jobs based on category, date posted, employer, and by location. The options are sometimes limited and the interface does not lend itself to easy or attractive use. However, the site features a limited number of jobs for customs brokers in Canada.

The general job website, Monster, was similar to the niche medical website just mentioned. On Monster, you can browse by location and by different job titles. These include various options for customs broker, whether by governmental organizations or another industry. However, one benefit of the general sit is that it facilitates a search by company. It seems that popular companies will attract various job searchers and that you can search based on these actual firms. This website also allows you to post a resume and search by location or other specialties. However, it further allows to you create a folder and account and manage your job search. So you can save different job advertisements and return to them later or compare. The interface also was smoother and more attractive. The United States has a larger amount of customs broker jobs, and these tend to revolve around the employer. However, in Canada, the selection is more limited and does not seem as concerned with the firm but more focused on the location. In conclusion, it seems that in the United States, you need to consider the firm more than location for a customs broker. In Canada, think about where you are or will be. In either case, the general job site seems the most robust and helpful.