Ideas For Choosing Business Management Term Paper Topics

Working on a business management degree means that you will need to write a term paper. With a term paper, you not only have to research, organize, and write, but you also have to pick a topic that will help you earn a top grade for your work. For many students, selecting the topic is one of the most difficult steps in the process. Once the topic is selected, the rest of the work becomes manageable, especially if the topic is interesting and has plenty of first-hand articles available to use as support.

When you choose your topic for your business management term paper, it is always helpful to select a topic in the area of business that draws your attention. While it is a good idea to have a solid understanding of business-in-general, there is nothing wrong with specializing in a particular area.

Here are several ideas for your business management term paper:

  • Hiring people with disabilities
  • Factory farms and negative press
  • Big box stores vs. Mom-and-pop stores
  • Biotechnology and big business
  • Controversies in advertising to women and children
  • Social responsibility for big businesses in struggling communities
  • Maintaining data security
  • Handling data security breaches
  • Maintaining a workplace in a struggling city
  • Wages and benefits with health care reform
  • Non-profit organizations and taxation
  • Breaking through the glass ceiling
  • Absentee policies and HIPAA
  • Intellectual capital when selling a business
  • Benefits of working with public transportation when building a business
  • The new economy and online jobs
  • Working with freelancers vs. full-time employees
  • Business and philanthropy
  • Running a paperless business
  • Risk management when hiring
  • Building a business based on a natural resource
  • Maintaining constancy in an international business
  • Using weights and measures in the food industry
  • Telecommuting and working parents
  • Employing high school students
  • Whistleblowing and risk management
  • Improving ergonomics and atmosphere in the workplace
  • Heating, cooling, and ventilation in enclosed workplaces
  • Building a brand vs. Generics
  • Building businesses in specially zoned communities
  • Workplace-appropriate apparel and motivation
  • Ethics of marketing
  • Offering child care onsite
  • Testing employees to find strengths and weaknesses

As you can see from this list, business management term paper topics run the gamut. Students can write about the workplace environment, issues dealing with taxation, community involvement, and personnel. The limitless amount of topics can be overwhelming to students, so it best to remove items from the list to help narrow down the topics that are interesting.