How To Craft A Proper MLA Term Paper Cover Page

A cover page is the face of your term paper. It’s important for it to be formatted properly. If your teacher notices mistakes at the very beginning of your text, you aren’t likely to earn a high score for your work. If you’re writing a paper in the MLA format, the tips below should be useful for you.

Guidelines for Creating a Cover Page in the MLA Format

  1. Set the font.
  2. It’s recommended to use Times New Roman as a standard font type for your paper. Set the font size to be 12 pt. Double-space your text.

  3. Set the margins.
  4. The margins should be equal to one inch on all sides of a page.

  5. Write the title.
  6. You should place your title about one-third of the way down the cover page and make it center aligned. All words in the title, except for articles, prepositions, and other small words, should be capitalized. Don’t underline the title or use other techniques to make it different from the rest of the text.

  7. Write your name.
  8. Leave two or three lines and place your first and last name.

  9. Write the course information.
  10. Leave two or three lines and place the section number and the name of the course.

  11. Write the instructor’s name.
  12. On the next line, place the name of your instructor, including their title (Dr. John Smith).

  13. Write the date.
  14. On the next line, place the date of submission. Use a European style (4 March 2015). Keep in mind that the requirements of your teacher might slightly differ from what you see above, so always consult them just in case.

Sources That Can Help You Write and Format Your Term Paper

Not all students are talented writers, so they often need assistance to compose papers of good quality. Here are the sources that they may approach:

  • Instructor.
  • If you aren’t sure what to do with your paper, regularly consult your instructor to learn what your next step should be.

  • Academic centers.
  • Visit local centers to get lessons on academic writing and acquire high-quality sample papers.

  • Professional tutors.
  • You may hire a tutor who will work on your paper with you and explain to you how to make each step properly. They may require good payment for their services.

  • Academic writers.
  • Find an individual writer or online company that can write your term paper in exchange for money. This option will provide you with a top-notch paper, but officially it’s considered cheating.