How to create a concise and clear research paper statement

Research paper Statement

This is one of the most crucial part of the research paper so, try as much to give it its due and the care that it deserves. A research paper statement is mostly found in the introduction part of most non-fiction writing. It helps in telling the reader what it is they should expect from the author’s body section of the essay. This statement is usually one or two sentences long but it is the most crucial component of the essay.

It helps in laying the foundation for which your writing will be based. It also assists in establishment of an organization pattern for your paper. This is the reason why it’s important to craft essays that are meaningful and worded properly for your paper. Your research paper statement is the preview of your writing. You definitely want a lasting impact or memorable impression to your readers. It is one of the most challenging parts of your paper. It can turn to be the easiest thing to do if you follow the following tips that will make it way less daunting.

Getting Started

The first thing that you should do is understand the aim of writing your paper. Is your paper informative? Entertaining? Persuasive? Once you understand the basics, you can easily understand the topics and the questions that you will need to answer to help learn more on the topic of your choice. What do you imagine could change during the process of research paper writing? Definitely, your research paper could change because you will be learning and gathering more new information, so don’t feel as if you must manipulate your research findings so that they fit your perhaps pre-conceived idea. One thing that you would want to consider is whether or not the topic you selected has been written before. In case you have been assigned a topic then find a way to turn it into a question and find the answer to the formed question. A short and brief statement from the answer you came up with is what will make your research statement.

What you should avoid

Of course, you will always find exceptions to almost every rule but always try and avoid starting your essay with words such as “ in this paper, I will discuss xx and x.” just move straight to your discussion. Is your essay addressing a given question? If you answered it in the most appropriate and explanatory way still maintaining the stated number of sentences (one or two)? If you passed this criterion, you are good to go.