A Piece Of Advice On How To Create A Catchy Research Paper Thesis Statement

If you should ask your friends and loved ones for tips on how to make good grades through your research paper, they would surely tell you to try your possible best to create a catchy thesis statement for your paper. This is because your professor or any other teaching assistant in your college would not be interested in flipping through the pages of an academic paper that is nothing but boring. Just as it is said that “the taste of the pudding is in the eating”, how well your paper is received is determined by the opening content. Right now you really want to impress the academic board but the question is, how do you go about it?

First, you need to understand that your thesis statement is very crucial to the success of your research paper. With this understood, you should then move on to the factors that would help in making this part of your paper very interesting. Below are a few guidelines on achieving that aim. They are:

  • Be Excited On The Topic You Are Writing On: This is one factor that determines how you actually start off in writing your thesis statement and the entire paper. When you exhibit excitement on the paper you are writing, it reflects within the content of the project. Even though the topic assigned to you is somewhat boring, look for approaches that would make writing on the topic exciting for you.
  • Carry Out Researches and Come Up With Strong Opinion: If you really want to keep your target readers engaged and yearning for more of what you have to offer, it is important that you research and put in a strong opinion on the topic being addressed through your research paper. You can read samples of papers that have been written in the past on such topics and the way the writers composed their opinions in their thesis statements. This will give you a guide on the approach and content of your own opinion.
  • Spice Up Your Use Of Vocabulary: This is another technique that has helped a lot of students gain wider readership for their content. In this case, you can use an adjective that shows instead of tell the reader the message you are trying to pass across. So, instead of saying “he does not listen to anybody”, you can say, “he is tyrannical”. This is a very strong phrase that would make your readers want to find out more as to why you choose that adjective.

Other helpful tips include channelling your attention on a particular idea and being very specific about the topic you are arguing about in your research paper.