You should organize your notes before writing a term paper

It seems obvious to most people but sadly many students do not organize their notes before writing a term paper. You might ask why this is so. There can be any number of reasons why a student is disorganized. They are lazy, they can't be bothered going to the trouble of organizing their notes because they simply want to get on with the writing of the essay. They don't know how to organize their notes. They are simply ignorant of the systems and possibilities of doing such a thing. They think that spending time sorting and cataloguing their research information is a waste of time. They don't get marked for organization, they get marked for the essay they finish up writing.

The crazy part about this whole equation is that the better you are at organizing your notes, the better you are at writing your essay. There is a direct correlation between the two things. A tidy mind and a well-organized student is a more effective creator of essays. So the lesson is simple. Learn how to become well-organized in using your research notes and reap the benefits of writing better and higher scoring essays.

How do you organize your notes?

There are different ways of carrying out a basic arrangement of storing information. You should look at the various possibilities and choose the one or ones which work best for you. Remember these are vital ingredients.

  • Can you understand it?
  • Can you easily access it?
  • Can you take it with you?

It's no good coming up with a scheme to organize your notes if you can't follow it. The old principle of keep it simple, stupid applies here. Choose a scheme orl system which is easy to follow. And then following on from that is the ease with which you can access it. Just imagine that you are in the middle of writing your latest term paper and you know you have some information on one particular aspect of the topic. How easy is it for you to access that information? If you are good at your method of organizing your notes, you will easily track down that information.

And then there is the portability issue. Can you take your notes with you? Well obviously yes if they are in digital format. But being able to take them with you also implies that you can easily understand and access the way you have filed and sorted them.

Remember that a tidy house goes well with a tidy mind. You will avoid stress and other debilitating conditions if you learn how to organize your notes in a simple and effective way.