A List Of Unique Personality Psychology Term Paper Topics

Very often, choosing a good idea for a unique personality term paper takes more effort than research and writing itself. Psychology has a very wide range of aspects to explore, as human personality is unique and many-sided; so the variety of topics on this subject is really huge. There are several ideas for you to get started.

  1. Phobias.
  2. Describe the most wide-spread phobias; indicate their causes and possible ways of overcoming. What are the basic differences between phobia and fear?

  3. Teenage psychology.
  4. Make a research in the field of developmental psychology and point the behavioral peculiarities of adolescence out. What psychological crises do adolescents face?

  5. Depression: causes and treatment.
  6. State the most common causes of depression; describe its symptoms, possible consequence s and treatment modes.

  7. Neurolinguistic programming.
  8. In this paper, you should examine NLP as a branch of psychology in terms of essence, methods, concepts and fields of application.

  9. Ways to overcome fears.
  10. Examine thematic literature and describe fear as a mental phenomenon; list the methods of overcoming it.

  11. An inferiority complex.
  12. Research the origins of the inferiority complex; offer the ways to overcome it.

  13. Character: components and typologies.
  14. In this term paper, describe human character as a mental phenomenon and enumerate its components. Offer a list of character typologies.

  15. Childhood as the background of character.
  16. Confirm or debunk the theory that childhood is the background of character formation.

  17. Gifts and talents.
  18. Investigate the nature of gifts and talents. Are they exclusively inborn or can they be attained and developed?

  19. The difference between male and female psychology.
  20. This paper should be devoted to the comparison of male and female psychology, their peculiarities and basic differences. To make the paper more profound, explore the historical prerequisites of such differences.

  21. Gender identity.
  22. Explore the concept of gender identity, its peculiarities and possible deviations.

  23. Age crises.
  24. List crises an individual faces during life. What are their origins and how do they change personality?

  25. Body language.
  26. In this term paper, explain the connection between the inner state and outer body signals. Give the examples of the most common gestures and their emotional backgrounds.

  27. Memory techniques.
  28. Investigate thematic literature and describe different methods of memorizing different kinds of information. Identify the most effective ones.

  29. Color therapy.
  30. Do research and describe how colors influence our psychic and what it is caused by. View color therapy as a branch of psychotherapy.