Research paper topics in psychology: becoming a guru

If you are writing a psychology thesis paper and need help finding some ideas then consider these examples below for clinical psychology:

  • Gender-emotion stereotypes and different methods of non-verbal communication
  • Prevention methods for depression
  • Risk factors for depression
  • Gender differences in emotional functioning and development
  • Gender differences in social functioning and development
  • A review of the existing gender differences involved in emotion regulation
  • Children’s ability to encode and decode the emotions in music

If you are writing on the subject of life span development you might consider:

  • Emotion regulation
  • Cultural differences in emotion and attention
  • Automatic versus controlled processes with regard to emotions

If you are writing on the subject of social psychology you might consider the following:

  • First impressions on moving faces
  • Using virtual reality methods in order to study different facial stereotypes
  • Individual differences in facial first impressions

Look into the examples that are provided here. Look and see if any of them inspire you with an idea or a thought. Maybe it is will best to look over the examples and then spend some time free writing to see what your brain comes up with. Look over your notes from the free write to see if there is anything you might be able to use as your thesis.

A free write is where you do not remove the pen (or pencil) from the paper. In this activity (one which stimulates creativity and free thinking) you free your mind to think whatever it wants and you write it all down. You might free write for a set period of time such as one or two minutes or you might free write until you have filled an entire page. The brain is a fascinating organ that dedicates ninety percent of itself to subconscious thought and naturally filters the conscious thoughts. But when you are tired or when your imagination is stimulated this filter dissipates and you are free to think the most creative thoughts you have. So use a free write to see if you can tie in any of the examples above into a thesis for your course.

Once you have done that you need only conduct a large and thorough amount of research after which you can draft your outline accordingly and then produce your final paper for review by your advisor and your review board.