How to Write an Outstanding Term Paper Thesis Statement

The heart of any term paper is the thesis statement. It is the whole purpose for writing the paper. The thesis is the most important part of your paper. If you have an outstanding term paper thesis statement, you are destined to have an outstanding term paper as well. There is actually no way to have an outstanding paper if your thesis statement is not good.

The thesis statement is one sentence that is usually located at the end of the introduction which represents what you will present in the paper. It outlines the main point and the supporting reasons behind the main point. It gives a general synopsis of what the paper is about. It is the glue that holds the paper together.

Here are some great tips for writing an outstanding thesis statement:

  • Be specific. Your thesis should outline the main point and the reasons behind that point. Each body paragraph will elaborate on the reasons behind the main point.

  • Only include the points that you plan on talking about. You should never give other reasons that you are not using to prove your main point in the thesis statement.

  • Your thesis statement should include all of your reasons. It is a rule of thumb to have three supporting reasons but if you decide to include more they should be listed in your thesis sentence.

  • Do some research before writing your thesis statement. This will allow you to determine what the supporting facts will be. It will also help you get all of your ideas organized into main supporting points.

Your thesis statement will list the main point of your paper and list the main ideas that you will use to support this main statement. Your thesis statement may change a little as you start to write. The idea is to make sure that if your reader only read one sentence out of your whole paper and it was the thesis, they would know what the paper was about. Now let’s hope they read the whole thing because of all of the hard work you did to write it but this is something to keep in mind to keep you on track.

Your conclusion should restate your thesis to reiterate to your reader why you wrote the paper. It will bring your paper full circle and help it flow.