An Outline on how to Write a Research Paper in ScienceĀ 

When you are writing a biology paper you should follow the tips below:

Include all the right parts. This is contingent upon the type of assignment you have but more often than not you will need to have:

  • A cover page
  • An abstract
  • An introduction
  • A literature review
  • The methods (body) section
  • Results section (or findings)
  • Discussion section
  • Conclusion
  • Reference page

If you are conducting an experiment and writing a report about your experiment you may need to include other subsections within the body of your text. If you are conducting a purely literary research paper in the field of science then you may not need the methods and results section and might instead have a larger literature review section. It is important that you check with your professor or advisor before you start writing so that you can adhere to whatever writing guide and requirements your assignment needs.

But no matter whether you are writing a research paper that is literature based or writing a paper about your experiment you will have a lot of references.


You should first make sure that you use the right citations for your references. The details required for every reference vary ever so slightly based on your discipline but more often than not you are required to list all of your references on a separate piece of paper at the end of your final draft. The references should be cited numerically based on the order in which they appeared in your text rather than in alphabetical order.

In the body of your text you should insert the reference number that corresponds to the reference page in the appropriate location. This minimizes the amount of clutter within the body of your text and lets your readers find your references in a faster manner.

Some science courses are now requiring the APA system which requires your references to be listed alphabetically and emphasizes the dates of the publication for the in-text citations. This system makes it easier to search for the paper in a database and makes for a more useful reference list that serves to inform the reader right in the middle of the paper when the studies took place.

You should check with your professor or TA to determine what your particular assignment requires.