A List Of Great Nursing Research Paper Topic Ideas For University Students

Pick a topic that relates to your favourite aspect of nursing

If you have gone into the profession of nursing, it may be that you’re not that interested in writing. Having chosen a noble profession, it is entirely possible that you would prefer to be working with people, so as to make their life’s better, rather than sitting around at a desk trying to сreate an essay.

As a result, if you’re struggling to think of a good topic to write about, then perhaps you could try and think of what are your favourite things are about nursing. It could be that you can write about the positives of caring for sick or elderly people, and the kind comments that you receive from grateful families.

Alternatively, you may wish to write about some other things that you dislike about nursing. For example, you may feel that the profession is underfunded and that, not only does it lead to good quality nurses leaving the profession, but it can also reduce the levels of care that nurses are able to provide for patients, as a result of all the other things that they have to do.

Demonstrate your general awareness of the profession and its requirements

When writing the essay, it can be a good idea to demonstrate your awareness of the profession. You may wish to write about certain procedures that you have to carry out, or any other requirements that are necessary for you to do your job properly.

Some examples of possible essay ideas listed below

  • The consequences of nursing shortages in relation to patient care
  • An overview of elderly patient care
  • A history of nursing
  • Evaluating pain levels and the tools that can be used
  • Oxygen therapy and its role in patient care over the years
  • Bandaging and wound care
  • Administering drugs to patients
  • The role of nurses in palliative care units
  • Leadership and management roles in nursing
  • Changes in the roles nurses carry out

Nursing application essays

It may well be that you’re writing a nursing application essay and need to sell yourself and write about your experiences. You could write about a typical day in the life of a nurse, as this will give a great overview of everything that you have to do in the profession, as well as demonstrating the understanding that you have of your job.