Term paper help: how to ensure your evidence fits your claims

Every student has to deal with a term paper at some point in his or her life. They may be experienced in high school, college, or both. Within every almost every term paper is an argument that must be proved.

Evidence is the key point to many types of term papers. Persuasive papers and scientific research papers, along with many other types, all have to have evidence to ensure your audience the information is correct. There are several different ways to ensure your evidence fits the argument within your term paper. There are two things that must be considered when making a claim.

  • How well do you understand the material
  • How well can you apply or use the material to support your point of view
    • Does the argument prove your theory
    • Does your evidence elaborate beyond simple readings

How can my evidence fit my claim?

In order to find substantive information for a term paper, one must do research for legitimate proof of your claim. This will ensure your claim has a solid backing allowing you to better argue your point of view.

Tips for ensuring your claim is legitimate

  • Has strong evidence to back up claim
  • Has legitimate sources to argue point of view
  • Know what type of proof is needed
  • Know how to properly use proof

Knowing what type of proof to use is just as important as the claim itself. The sources being used to back up the claim has to be legitimate.

How will I know if a source is legitimate?

  • Does your source have properly cited references?
    • If yes, it is a legitimate source
    • If no, try to find a source that has proper references and citations
  • Is it from a text book?
    • If yes, make sure to use in text citations and references
    • If no, what kind of book is it?

There are several ways to ensure the term paper has legitimate evidence that fits your claim. Using reliable resources that properly tie into your argument is a good way to prove your point of view. It is always important to properly use the research material and know what type of argument to make. You cannot expect to persuade a psychology professor the same way you would persuade an algebra professor. A student can prove their claim, or argument, with strong and reliable evidence.