Brainstorming Uncommon Technology Research Paper Topics

When brainstorming uncommon technology research topics, you will want to check the most current sources to find the most cutting information possible. There are many publications and department worldwide with Internet accessible research, which you can use to develop a successful research paper. Some interesting uncommon technology topics include:

  • Ocean Floor Mats
  • Renewable energy is not uncommon in our modern society, but it is still less common than traditional nonrenewal energy sources. Oceanic energy is a recent trial researched by the University of Washington. It is believed that the constant flow of the ocean could be harnessed by ocean floor mats, sending this energy to the ocean’s surface. This energy would then be used as power.

  • Carbon Fiber Gladiator Suits
  • Carbon fiber is used in many products and technologies as a durable yet lightweight material. Recently, carbon fiber gladiators suits have been introduced to the market. These suits will allow the most serious live action role play, and dueling be to commence with the safest technology.

  • Google Glass
  • Team members at Google have introduced their own pair of glasses, Google Glass. Now, these are certainly not your regular old glasses. With this uncommon technology, limited users have been able to access to features like hands free SMS and limitless Internet browsing—all built into the lens of your Google Glasses.

  • Smart Contact Lenses
  • Swiss health providers, Novartis, and Google are coming together to create the most uncommon of technologies, a smart contact lens. The electronically powered contact lens supposedly will be put in your eye regularly, but has technological abilities. It will possibly be capable of monitoring glucose of those with Diabetes, as well as assist in focusing on particular objects.

  • Robot for Disabled Children
  • Robots are inevitable coming. We already have automated phone systems and other electronically powered services, so it is only a matter of time before menial jobs are replaced by robotic power. We have already seen this influence with technology like the robot created at Georgia Institute of Technology, capable of play angry birds, assisting disabled students to learn in the process.

When writing about uncommon technologies, these technologies will likely be more recent developments. The possible topics for you to write about will be changing constantly, with many developments. Read current publications and research conducted by individuals, organizations and universities to find the most cutting edge and uncommon technology to present in your research paper.