How To Find And Use A Free Research Paper Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism is one of the most serious crimes in the academic world. The punishment depends on the educational institution; it varies from a negative grade to even an expulsion from the college/university. Some may think that plagiarism is just copying someone else’s thoughts or ideas.

However, there are a lot of definitions of the word “plagiarize”. It can be stealing someone else's ideas and provide them as your own, or using another’s words in your research paper without quoting. The last one is a common crime among students. If you don’t want to get into trouble use a special online research paper plagiarism checker, and the following tips will help you to find the best one absolutely for free. To start with, use Google and special key words like “plagiarism checker”, “free plagiarism checker” or even “free research paper plagiarism checker”.

Secondly, read the comments of previous users. It is better if greatest amount of them are positive, because it means that the checker is reliable. Reliable online plagiarism checkers post reviews and comments from their customers on their website. However, be careful; distinguish fake positive comments posted by the companies pretending to be previous users. Try to avoid using plagiarism checkers from an essay writing companies. There is a chance that your unique texts can be stolen and sold to other students. Using a plagiarism checker is even simpler than you can imagine. You have to download your research paper or copy/paste the whole content into the text box. Then, the program will have to scan your document. If the checker is truly professional the scanning will take a couple of minutes, because the checker will have to scan almost every Internet page and their own databases containing millions of academic papers.

And finally, you will get a completed plagiarism report. The report will contain information about the problematic parts of your research paper. Professional plagiarism checkers also provide their customers with grammar and spelling checking. It is also a plus, if the checker provides its clients with an ability to test their research papers in different languages. Sometimes reliable anti-plagiarism services ask for registration otherwise the usage of checker will be limited. The registration process is often very simple, the only thing you will have to do is to think of a nickname and password and leave your email. Caution, never leave important personal information on similar websites.