10 Interesting Biology Research Paper Topics For College Students

Biology papers can some of the most interesting essays and fun ones to write as well. Medical technology has just taken off lately. If the past five years, a man has been cured of full blown AIDs, babies have been born HIV free from mothers who had AIDS, and other miraculous cases that suggest we may one day soon be completely free from this killing disease. What is even more fascinating are the things that are going on in organ harvesting, cleaning, and transplantation. We are now growing organs on the backs of mice—ears to be specific but soon we will be able to fully grow our own organs and discoveries in organ transplants are booming. Other great sources for topics are in all the current work being done in prosthetics today—which are very necessary for veterans from recent conflicts and wars.

Here are ten suggested topics for biology papers:

  1. DNA Sequencing: Next Generation Developments in Science
  2. The Future of RNA Sequencing
  3. What is the current status on finding and treating HIV and AIDS
  4. What is the current status of genotyping and what are we doing in medicine today with genotyping?
  5. How is genotyping helping us to learn more about the origins of diseases and how we can cure them.
  6. New discoveries in aging and anti-aging
  7. Adrenal Fatigue: Will There Ever Be a Cure for This Very Debilitating Illness?
  8. New Advancements in Hormone Theory: Why Estrogen Is Not Only Alright to Prescribe Again, but Preferred to Prescribe.
  9. Super Bugs—New Discoveries in Bacteria
  10. New Developments in the Study and Cure for Huntington Disease

Structure and the Biology Essay

It is very, very important that you have, most of all, a very strongly, clearly stated thesis statement in a biological essay. You want to make sure your language is not just clear—but crystalline. You want to make sure to spell all complex biological terms – above all—with complete accuracy. Check and double check that you are doing so or your professors will have little respect for the writing that surrounds these misspelled words. In their eyes, if you cannot do the little things correctly, you surely cannot do the bigger things correctly.

Make sure your thesis is clearly stated. You might want to begin with an “I” thesis statement and edit this out later.