Suggestions On How To Come Up With Fresh Term Paper Topics

The most elementary mistake that students make with term papers is to wait too long to start them. The procrastination is understandable. The term paper is one of the ways you can establish yourself as a serious student: it contributes towards your grade and displays your creative potential. However, taking too long to start your paper under the pretext of “choosing the correct topic” is also not the way to go. Therefore, to help you, here are some suggestions on how to come up with a fresh term paper topic.

Suggestions on how to come up with a fresh term paper topic:

  • Understand the assignment: First, understand exactly what you have to do. Does the assignment require you to conduct research, make a movie, design a website, make a model project, direct a play, or write one yourself? Most students plunge headlong into the assignment without ever comprehending what it is about, and thus end up wasting more time than they should. Thus, before you set about on choosing a topic, make sure you know what you have to do with it.

  • Start with the broader areas: Say, your topic concerns the society: what would you do with such a broad term? Do you want to expose, analyze, or educate? What faction of the community do you want to cover? Is it the present, the past, or the projected future? Always start with a broad spectrum and keep on narrowing it down to a point that you find exciting and acceptable.

  • Brainstorm: Now, you can brainstorm for an idea at any point before starting the paper, but it is most effective when you are unable to narrow a broad topic down. Sit in a quiet room with an alarm clock. Decide on a time window, and start the clock. Now, jot down all ideas that come to your mind on paper. When the alarm rings, stop. The ideas that you jot down in the duration of the time window are the ones that you should work with since your interest was the primary catalyst for them to strike your mind for a limited time.

  • The inverted pyramid: Think of an inverted pyramid and draw it on a piece of paper. The base of the pyramid is the broad area, such as Women empowerment. Now, as you move towards the base of the pyramid, keep choosing more specific aspects and adding them to the title. This way, when you reach the apex, you should have a very narrow statement that you should write your paper on.