How to write a research paper in MLA style: what you should obligatory know

A research paper is fundamental in any scholar’s life and getting the skill to write different types is very important. The key to a good research paper is to be thorough, concise and straight to the point. Many teachers and lectures prefer different styles and orders in which work is presented. The few key things that must be adhered to when writing a Modern Language Association style include the following:

  • Avoiding plagiarism
  • Plagiarism is a crime with dire consequences in the learning fraternity. It is where a writer directly copies the work of another writer and claims it is his or hers. Plagiarism can be either accidental or intentional but either way it is inexcusable to commit this crime. In order to avoid it, one can always subject their work in a plagiarism-checking site on the internet to ensure their work is original.

  • Citing the sources of your work
  • Citing sources involves indicating where your work is found. MLA style of writing uses inline citation where the writer includes the source of his material in the context of the essay. The citation is important whether it is paraphrased or directly quoted from the information that is provided in the information you are writing.

  • Paraphrasing your work
  • Paraphrasing is vital in writing in that it includes the content of the work from another writer but it is written in your own format. Summarising other writers’ ideas is an indication of proper research done and you might as well add information to your context that is relevant to the subject of study.

  • Direct quote
  • A direct quote involves using the exact words by another writer and including them in your own text as part of the information you are giving. In MLA, direct quotes are bound by quotation marks and the writer is indicated there after. Failure to include quotes in the sentence gives an impression that you wrote the statement, which is a crime. Plagiarising an author can be unintentional therefore always ensure that the information you write essay in your essay is yours.

  • Writing a final page
  • In the final page of your work, you are required to provide the list of all the authors whose work you have cited in your work. Ensure that the dates of their work, the titles and the topics of their work.

Follow the instructions above and your MLA assignment is bound to be top notch.