3 Pointers To Help You Define Good Research Paper Topics

Defining good research paper topics is a task all on its own. There are students that take this part of the research paper writing process seriously. You will spend a considerable amount of time learning about this topic so you can write a quality paper. So, this means you cannot just choose any topic out of the blue. A good topic is something you want to write about, but at the same time you feel you can contribute something of value others will find interesting as well. The following three tips may provide creative insight on defining good topics for your research paper.

  1. Stay away from commonly researched topics. This may seem like the easy route but it may end up backfiring in the end. Using a common topic may not be as interesting if you are not able to present something different. A few ideas may not have much insight that is new to your audience. To define a good topic it should be something unique and out of the ordinary. Think about presenting something with multiple sides and viewpoints. The news media does this on a regular basis; they will take something controversial or trending and make dozens of articles for people to read about it. How can you take your topic and present it in a matter that others may not be aware of?

  2. Consider unconventional sources for ideas. Your research paper will need the help of reputable sources in order to be written. You may want to consider going outside of the box and review sources that may put a spin on your topic. There are reference books and typical websites you would use, but think about related sources you have yet to use or access. What kind of insight would you take from it; what inspiration could you get that would help you come up with an interesting research paper topic?

  3. Look for topics that are trending or controversial in nature. What are people taking about in relation to your subject matter or field of study? The news media may have the idea you want right under your nose. Take some time to read about what is going in the media. Utilize different forms of communication such as social media, news websites and print publications like newspapers and newsletters.