World war II research paper topics: get handle on history

If you are writing a thesis on World War Two but you cannot seem to think of any examples or topics on which to write then consider the following:

  • Compare the roles that Japan and Germany placed and assess whether their aggressions were fundamentally different or similar.
  • What role did technology play and did it fundamentally alter the outcome?
  • What mistakes did Germany make in Russia and how did they affect the outcome?

Look over the topics that are included here and see if these examples stand out or inspire anything in you. Once you have your topic you can begin work crafting the thesis.

Your thesis statement needs to be a living and breathing entity all its own that can really capture your message and what problem you are planning to address in one short and succinct sentence. You want the reader to be enthralled by what they read from the very beginning so that they will stick with your paper until the end.

Once you have crafted your thesis statement you should get it approved by your advisor. Your advisor and review committee is there to help and since your job in writing this pieces is to prove that you can contribute to the field and conduct research without your advisor it would be a shame for you to mess up a simple item like the thesis and not advance because of it. Check the thesis to see if it is truly manageable within the scope of your page length and the available research.

After you have completed this step it is time to research. Research can be a long and arduous process but if you love your topic it won’t be as painful as you might think. The research part should involve many hours at a school library where you can find the primary reference material on hand. If you need help locating an old document or file you can always ask a librarian. They are still around and they do still have thorough knowledge of the library. It might be in your best interest to list the libraries you plan on using for your research and then spend some time becoming familiar with their systems and processes and their website. Every library is a bit different and being able to navigate your way literally and figuratively will save you a great deal of time once you set out to actually research.